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Maka Albarn is not exactly your typical young girl. Clocking in at the age of fifteen, she is a student at Shinigami Weapon Meister Vocational School. Such a hefty name, and quite fitting, too: the place itself is hefty and influences the lives of everyone in their world in some way. Everyone.

In this world, some humans can turn into weapons and some can wield them. Maka is one of the latter. She is partnered with a boy named Soul Evans, also known as Demon Scythe Soul Eater. He can, as his name implies, turn into a scythe. He is a shinigami level scythe - that is, he has consumed the souls of 100 evildoers and 1 witch. This is a huge part of why the school exists, you see, and why it affects so much. They police what the world itself cannot police - witches and their existence. Students are also given assignments to chase after souls that may become kishin - demon souls. Usually an evil human, they must be caught before they can turn into a kishin egg, ready for rebirth.

Maka and Soul are a elite, a member of a team known as Spartoi. This is the best students gathered into a team used to address some of the heaviest concerns. At many times, Spartoi will be used instead of one of the adult ranks, though part of this is obviously in the interest of training. But that does not change the facts that remain.

Maka has multiple features that put her on this team. One is her high ability to sense how a soul is working, what it looks like and how it resonates. In plain english, she's really good at seeing everything. She also has a rare shape of soul.

Her past is full of some bad events that can affect her personality greatly. She is very hesitant to trust men right away because her father was a louse and a cheater. Her mother travels the world and the only contact Maka has had with her is postcards - one a month for five years now. No voice, no appearance, simply postcards. Occasionally, a letter will be sent separately, but this is just as rare as her father being faithful.

She is strict with a lot of her actions, but also kind. She will try to reach out to others as much as they might need - and then a little bit more. If Soul is her partner then Crona is her best friend, someone who Maka taught the meaning of friendship from the ground up - up to and including what it is like to touch another human being. Crona had never had any form of touch, whether it be a hug or even two hands brushing together. Crona's mother had deliberately starved her child of this from birth forward, to help with an 'experiment'. This experiment has now led to the two being seperated, though Maka is trying everything she can to reverse this to otherwise.

One thing that Maka is known for is 'Maka Smash', which involves hitting someone over the head with a book to show them that they are being an idiot. Usually, Soul is the receiver of this, but others do earn it as well. This figures into the of the negligent part of her personality. This figures into some of the ways she regards others, especially Soul. But in that is some highly unique ideas, as a weapon and a meister see each other differently than any other relationship might be.

Take all the silly and the serious, take the sum up of it all and call it Maka Albarn. She is highly respected and highly kind, trying her best to use these things for the world...

Maka Albarn is from Soul Eater, and is the property of Atsushi Ōkubo (manga) and Bones (anime). She appears here solely for the purpose of role-playing in [info]milliways_bar, from which no profit whatsoever is being made.

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